When Jill and her daughter were diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago, it meant adhering to a strict gluten free diet for the sake of their health. It became necessary to read labels on everything to avoid gluten. In that process, Jill became shocked by how many unsafe additives and chemicals were in our every day products. We are eating them and putting them on our bodies and our children. Changing their diet to whole, organic foods was the easy part.  Finding clean, safe personal care was another story.  With little to no regulation in the cosmetics industry, it was close to impossible to decipher all of the different additives, fragrances, and miscellaneous chemicals. 

They started simply, by replacing their chemical products with organic botanicals, seed and nut butters and extracts.  Short, simple ingredient lists.  The transformation was incredible.  The whole family's skin cleared and brightened.  Dry skin went away.  

Starting with making their own skin care, fast forward through loads and loads of research and testing, and PT Pure Organics was born with an entire line of organic, natural personal care products found in stores all around the world. The mission is to find new ways to use organic botanicals, salts and clays from the earth, essential oils and plants to heal and nourish our bodies.

Jill is energized and inspired by nature, resulting in a passion to protect our planet and natural resources..  As a result, being eco-friendly and gentle to the planet is a priority for PT Pure Organics. Fair trade, eco friendly and ALWAYS cruelty free. 
PT Pure packaging is done in glass and paperboard, with minimal plastic use. Everything can be recycled or reused and is safe for your product inside. Labels can be removed from our glass jars to make them pretty for reusing for things like vitamins, earrings, seed saving, food storage, etc. The shipping materials are made from post-consumer recycled materials and can be 100% recycled or reused.

PT Pure Organics are products you can feel good about, feel safe using and can trust for transparency.

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