When my daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago, among other things, it meant adhering to a strict gluten free diet for the sake of our health. It became necessary to read labels on everything we came in contact with to avoid gluten. In that process, I became hyper-aware of how many unsafe additives and chemicals were in our every day products. It became overwhelming.  And then it began to bother me that I didn't even know what most of these things were, and yet we were eating them and putting them on our bodies. The easiest solution became to eliminate anything with long ingredient lists and mystery additives.  This meant minimizing all processed and packaged foods. What was healthiest, was also the simplest. Eating whole, organic foods and using pure, natural elements in our personal care.

There is little regulation in the beauty and personal care industry, which means no one is required to disclose gluten, toxic chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients in your makeup, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.  How do you know what you can trust?

We started using things like organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and tea tree oil to replace dozens of our chemical-filled products. They worked better and we felt safe. That's how our original PT Pure Everything Balm was born.

Fast forward through loads and loads of research and testing, we now have an entire line of organic, natural personal care products that are found in stores all around the world. Every day we are finding new ways to use organic botanicals, salts and clays from the earth, essential oils and plants to heal and nourish our bodies.

I am passionate about making safe, natural products that work and keeping us healthy and beautiful at the same time. I have a strong love of nature and the bounty available from it. As a result, being eco-friendly and gentle to the planet is a priority for us. We always choose organic options for our ingredients when available We use fair trade & sustainable ingredients.  And we are ALWAYS cruelty free. 
 Our packaging is done in glass and paperboard, with minimal plastic use. Everything can be recycled or reused and is safe for your product inside. Our labels can be removed from our glass jars to make them pretty for reusing for things like vitamins, earrings, seed saving, food storage, etc. Our shipping materials are made from post-consumer recycled materials and can be 100% recycled or reused.

We are proud of the products we create. We use them, we love them and we want to share them with everyone.

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