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    Everyone claims their natural deodorants work. I have also spoken to many people who have tried natural deodorants and quit them because they didn't work well enough. We have worked for months on testing different formulas and have created a natural deodorant that works. That being said, everyone's body has a different level of pH, sweat, odor, bacteria (yuck) and other chemicals. What works for one may not work for another. Here are the details on our natural deodorant....

    - Everyone agrees that "conventional" deodorant is bad. Most contain harmful chemicals, like aluminum, which leach into the sensitive skin under your arms. This can lead to things from unpleasant irritation on the low end of the scale, to Alzheimers and certain cancers on the higher end of the scale. Either way, it's time to ditch the anti-perspirants and the chemicals and protect your health.

    - Most store-bought deodorants contain anti-perspirants. The problem is, your body is designed to sweat. It's natural and healthy. This is how your body rids itself of toxins and cools itself naturally. By suppressing that completely, you are preventing your body from eliminating toxins, causing long term problems. HOWEVER, no one wants wet pits either (yuck again). Our deodorant does NOT contain anti-perspirants. But, it DOES contain moisture absorbing arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and baking soda to minimize the moisture.

    - There is a "detox" period after quitting chemical deodorants. For some it is a week, for others it is a few weeks. During that time your body may seem to sweat more than normal. Be patient. It will get better. Once your body adjusts to the absence of the chemicals, it begins to regulate itself. The longer you use it, the better it works.

    - Regarding odor... You may sweat on occasion with natural deodorants, but you will not have odor with ours. We load it with natural anti-bacterial ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda, which stop the bacteria that causes odor. You will not get smelly.

    - Application is the same as any deodorant. Dial it up from the bottom. Gently dab or wipe on armpits. The product melts in contact with skin. A little goes a long way and you won't need nearly as much as you did with your chemical deodorant.

    - You may need to apply this deodorant more than once a day depending on what your day holds.

    - All natural ingredients and most are certified organic.

    - Generous 2.65 oz BPA-free plastic tube will last you a LONG time.

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    If you experience any irritation when using this product, do not apply right after shaving when skin is most vulnerable. If irritation continues, please discontinue using and let us know. It is possible you have an allergy to a natural ingredient in the product. Please don't use if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients.

    This product is cruelty-free, tested only on willing humans, NEVER animals.

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