Men's Organic Skin Balm : unscented


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    The ultimate, all-purpose balm for men. Dry chapped hands, rashes, scrapes, after sun, eczema, and more. Manly, but soothing.

    Made from 100% natural & organic butters, oils and beeswax. No fillers, additives, parabens, toxins, artificial colors. Coconut oil to heal & moisturize with natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Sweet Almond oil is rich in amino acids and proteins to heal, moisturize and reverse skin damage. Beeswax is loaded with vitamins and magical properties to repair damaged skin and soothe irritation.

    Naturally Unscented - no essential oils are added for scent to this one. Just the natural nutty coconut smell in our pure balms.

    => Also available in The Woods scent: 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of Fir, Rosemary and Cedarwood

    Comes in a matte black 3 oz. tin. Perfect for travel or gym bags.

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    As always our products are free from...

    :: parabens
    :: dyes
    :: artificial scents and perfumes
    :: phthalates
    :: gluten
    :: byproducts
    :: chemicals
    :: preservatives
    :: toxins
    :: GMOs
    :: fillers

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    :: C A R E & U S E::
    Coconut oil melts in contact with warm skin so the solid balm will quickly melt and absorb into the skin. Store in a cool location. Warm balm will be soft, cooler balm will be very firm. If the balm gets too soft, put it in the refrigerator for a bit until it firms up again.

    Because this product is made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, we recommend a shelf life of approximately 12 months.

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    :: S H I P P I N G::
    This item is available for immediate shipment via First Class USPS mail. When shipping to warmer climates or in the summer months, the balm should not sit in a hot mailbox or front porch or it will melt.
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